Chalkboard Map - Europe Edition

Chalkboard Map - Europe Edition

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So you’re back home, half-heartedly unpacking your suitcases. Can you recapture the thrill of exploring new places? Yes! Because our high-quality, flexible and magnetic Chalkboard Maps let you journal your new memories and plan your next remarkable experience. Use the included liquid chalk markers for instant personalization. Create a map that truly reflects your life by ordering photo magnets from our user-friendly app. Choose from our World, US and Europe maps today.

These maps feature:

  • The latest flexible rubber and iron design so they can roll and move like your lifestyle.
  • A convenient 24x36 inch size for easy framing to match your decor.
  • Accurate geography and beautiful detail to inspire your wanderlust.
  • Textured surface perfect for the artist inside you to make its mark with liquid chalk markers.
  • Magnetic pull to hang your photos and mementos from around the world.
  • Access to our mobile app to turn your favorite digital images into beautiful magnets.
  • Easily erasable and rearrangeable features so you can explore endless new directions.
  • Includes 6 liquid chalk markers.