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My map is here, what's next?

How should I unbox my map?

Your map will come rolled up inside of a tube. Like anything shipped this way it needs to be flattened out a little bit. We recommend carefully unrolling the map on a flat surface, such as a table. Next, place some books on the sides of the map to help it flatten for as long as you can wait but 30-60 minutes should be enough. Feel free to start drawing while you wait!

How do I hang my map?

The most obvious way is with a frame, however, the most cost effective way is right on your wall. You will need a product called 3M Command Strips to do this (link below). Just place one strip on each corner and edge according to 3M's instructions.

You can just stick the map on the wall if you are good at leveling things by eye. Or you can use a level, pencil, and ruler to mark where the corners of the map need to go. Now stick the upper left command strip first, smooth the map against the wall, stick the upper right next. Again, smooth the map with your hand and create a little tension then stick the bottom left, then bottom right. After those you can do the edges.

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Do you recommend hanging it with a frame?

A frame is not required, however, we do recommend using one if possible. This makes it so you can easily take your map down and draw on it while on a table then hang it again. It's also easier to hang and level.

Choose a good solid frame with a solid backing board. Obviously you would remove the glass so that you can draw and hang magnets. A poster frame would be a good option, such as the one on Amazon below.

Check out this frame.

How do I draw?

How do I use the liquid chalk markers?
The liquid chalk markers included with your map have instructions right on the side. Prime a new marker by shaking vigorously for a 5 seconds, remove the cap, then press the tip to where it depresses into the marker.

Tip: Don't depress the the tip for too long or a pool of liquid chalk could appear.
Tip: Never shake a liquid chalk marker with the cap off - liquid chalk could spray your neighbor!
Tip: The tip of the marker is reversible! You can use the angled end for fine details and the round end for large jobs.
What kinds of chalk can I use?
Our maps are compatible with liquid chalk and dustless chalk. Please do not use regular chalk as the hard edge could permanently mark the map.

On the right you'll see our favorite liquid chalk brand and dustless chalk brand on Amazon.
What do I draw?
The possibilities are endless! Here are some ideas:

  • Draw a line where you have taken road trips.
  • Draw objects that bring a fun vacation memory to mind.
  • Try chalk calligraphy. (A book that teaches chalk calligraphy is to the right)
  • Fill in countries you want to visit one color and countries you have already visited in another color.
  • Write activities you will do on your next trip.
How do I erase my map?
Take a damp cloth and wipe away the chalk. Some colors erase easier than others. If needed you can use a mild soap and a little more pressure. Most of the time it will easily wipe away and you have a whole new map to decorate!.

Tip: Use a wet Q-Tip to erase small spots that need fixed.
What do I do if liquid chalk is watery?
This usually happens when the chalk is not mixed with the water in the marker well. Give it a vigrous shake, with the cap on, for 15 to 30 seconds. If it's still watery repeat until you get a solid bright color.
How do I draw fine details?
The markers come with a reversible tip. Rotate the tip so that it's angled to a point. While drawing use the smallest point of the tip to create very fine lines.

How do I use magnets?

How is the map magnetic?
The Chalkboard Map is magnetic receptive. This means that it has iron mixed in with the material allowing you to hang magnets on the map. The map is not magnetic itself, meaning you can not hang it on a metal surface.
Do I need to use special magnets?
No. Pretty much all magnets work with one exception. Some times heavy magnets with a weak magnetic pull can fail to hold. If this is the case it's easy to fix (see next question). The magnets that work the best are Neodymium magnets or magnets that are thicker or with a larger surface area.
What if my souvenir magnet won't hold?
This is usually do to a small or weak magnet glued to a larger or heavier object. It's an easy fix, just get a stronger Neodymium magnet (link on the right to purchase some) and stick it to the existing magnet. Some magnets this won't work, if that's the case then you'll have to remove the old magnet and replace it with the new magnet and some glue, such as E9000 or a hot glue gun.
What sort of stuff should I hang?
This is one of the best things about Chalkboard Maps. We love collecting magnets on our travels and displaying memories in unique ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Order photo magnets from our mobile app and place them on the map near where they were taken.
  • Put souvenir magnets near where they were purchased.
  • Find a small rock on your trip, glue a Neodymium magnet to the back, and place on the map. (Extra fun: paint the rock first!)
  • Hang a small container with strong Neodymium magnets and fill the container with light objects / momentos.
  • Use a magnet to pin concert tickets, boarding passes, or your national park pass.
  • Even use a magnet with a hook and hang your car keys.
Will my map get too heavy?
The more things you hang the heavier it will get. However, 8 pair of medium 3M command strips is rated for 24 lbs of weight. That's quite a bit of magnets! When in doubt use a good solid frame with solid anchors or with your fasteners in wall studs for the most peace of mind.

How do I get my photos on the map?

How do I order photo magnets?
You can easily order photo magnets using our mobile app. It's available on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. The links are below or you can just search for "Chalkboard Maps"
Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play
What size are the photo magnets?
Our photo magnets are adorably small. This allows you to fit more of those precious memories around the spot on the map where they were created. Below are the sizes of the photos:

  • Small: 1" x 0.667"
  • Medium: 1.5" x 1"
  • Large: 2.25" x 1.5"